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Redemption first started when I went into an interview at the beginning of the year and as the interviewer was talking to me he noticed that I had a tattoo on my wrist and asked if I had anymore. I do, so I told him on both my upper arms. He then told me I wasn't qualified for the job because potential new customers would not like that I, being a representative of the company, had tattoos. The interviewer told me that I would be qualified to work in the warehouse where customers couldn't see me and later admitted that as soon as he saw my tattoo, he knew he wasn't going to give me the job, even if I was over qualified for the position. I got my first tattoo when I was 18 years old and in my 7 years of having tattoos, I have never been judged because of them. I have never not got a job because of them. Upon leaving the interview, I was so mad, I got home tried to workout but ended up going for a run. While running I was trying to think of something I knew how to do and do well. I have helped run another clothing company in the past, why shouldn't I start another one? Thats when I knew I wanted to start Redemption.

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We live in a world in which we are constantly judged by our appearance despite the ideal "judgment by merit." People we pass by in a crowded city will size us up and immediately form an idea in their head of whom they think we are in less than two seconds; often times, this idea is completely wrong, as many people judge solely on a few factors of a person's appearance. Either way, there are several cases in which it is blatantly wrong to be judged by your appearance, yet most people probably do it every single day. Why? Think of it this way: Human beings are afraid of the unknown. If a person thinks he or she knows who you are, even if that thought is completely wrong, then he or she will feel more secure for the moment.

There’s a reason we all don’t live in the same zip code. It’s for the reason that you can travel anywhere and get inspiration from where you’ve been. Our experiences make us who we are. If I can show you one thing, it’s not to accept something as it is, but to develop your own interpretation of it.

Our mission behind the clothing is to show people that who ever you are, whether you are white, pink, green, black, skinny, overweight, a teenage mom, gay, straight, tattooed, jewish, catholic: above all else, we are human. We are different for a reason we may not understand. Embrace yourself. Love yourself. Show the people who judged you that you are perfect the way you are.

- Tyler Hoppel

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